State of Wrestling, a new podcast for the NWCA, launches with Mike Moyer as first guest

The NWCA has launched a new organizational podcast called State of Wrestling, hosted by Jason Bryant of the Mat Talk Podcast Network. The podcast will give monthly updates on NWCA initiatives with staff, member coaches and leaders within the sport and the organization. Today, we kick off the show with Mike Moyer, the Executive Director of the National Wrestling Coaches Association.

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Some of the topics we discuss in the inaugural episode of State of Wrestling include:

The NWCA has been in existence since 1928.
The focus of the NWCA has shifted over the years.
What are the key focus areas for the NWCA right now?
What is the NWCA not?
What are some of the checkboxes the NWCA looks for when targeting a school to add wrestling?

State of Wrestling by the NWCA is a monthly podcast by the National Wrestling Coaches Association.

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