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Skin Infection Awareness with Andrews Institute

Creating a Culture

“Coaches, athletes, parents and athletic trainers must all be on board with adapting to a culture where everyone is responsible for avoiding contagious skin conditions and where everyone is accountable for taking preventive measures,” – Michael Milligan, M.D., Andrews Institute

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Preventing Skin Infections

“While we cannot prevent all contagious skin infections, we can take precautionary measures to greatly decrease the chance of becoming infected.” – Michael Milligan, M.D., Andrews Institute

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Most Common Skin Infections in Wrestling

There are three types of skin infections; bacterial, viral and fungal that plague the sport of wrestling. Find out how to spot the warning signs of each type of infection.

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Treatment of Skin Infections

Find out the specific guidelines that should be followed in recognition of a skin lesion and when an athlete should be seen by a physician for identification and management.

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