The Mat Stats Show | Episode #8 (Uncle Sam Wants You to Grow Men’s Wrestling with a Limited/Non-Scholarship Conference.)

Welcome to the NWCA’s latest venture to help our favorite sport. Glenn Gormley, Jason Bryant and Kevin Hazard outline their effort to bring statistical analysis to wrestling. MatStats is the NWCA’s attempt to bring wrestling up to speed with so many other sports by incorporating stats. The MatStats crew investigates ideas to help Grow our sport.  This new monthly episode explores the idea behind a men’s non-scholarship or limited-scholarship Division I wrestling conference and how it could work and how it would be affordable for schools to implement. This show deals with the historical precedent of Division I football implementing 1A (FBS) and 1AA (FCS)  subdivisions in the late 70’s and the growth of football as a result.  It features the non-scholarship Pioneer Football League, a non-scholarship conference in the Football Championship Subdivision (FCS). 

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