WCWA Wrestling Rules


Related to Medical Hardships


8.16.1. A hardship request is a request for an exception to the season of competition regulation. Hardships deal only with seasons of competition.

8.16.2. All hardship requests must meet the following criteria.

  1. They must involve an injury or illness which is beyond the control of the student or coach and which incapacitates the student from competing further during the sport season in question as verified by the attending physician (M.D. or D.O.) who must have examined the student during the sport season in question.
  2. The student involved shall not have participated in more contests or dates in the affected during the season than 3 dates. This would include any event where the athlete weigh-ins, represents or is transported by. Hardships cannot be requested for students who are incapacitated in the last regular season contest or postseason competition.
  3. All applicable information must appear on the completed certificate. This certificate, along with a transcript from all previous institutions the student has attended, is to be sent to the Eligibility Chairman upon completion of the National Tournament and before opening date of regular season (See Appendix e. If application is denied, member institution may request a review by over site committee by sending request to President of the WCWA.
  4. Participation by a student after being examined by a physician for the incapacitating injury or illness and before receiving written medical clearance shall nullify hardship considerations.

8.16.3. The hardship request must be submitted by the Faculty Athletic Representative or Athletics Director of the institution requesting the exception. Before a request or appeal can be considered, the following material must be submitted:

  1. A current transcript of the student involved.
  2. A completed official WCWA Hardship Request Certificate.

8.16.4. WCWA recommendations, if any, shall be considered, but only the decision of the Eligibility Chairman shall be recognized by the WCWA in hardship cases.