Where Are the Wrestlers?

The wrestlers are in every school in America. We must recruit them, train them and retain them. The quality of experience must be such that the majority will always want to move on to the next level. As wrestling coaches we can no longer wait to let students come to us. We must aggressively present the sport of wrestling to the students and their families.

I would like every coach out there who has had success recruiting students into wrestling to please share their ideas with the rest of us. I will share one approach that has been successful.

I know of one junior high school coach in Pennsylvania who has designed a combative sport for middle school students. He had this course approved by the head of the physical education department and then this fall put it into action before wrestling sign ups. The good news is the students love it and it has had an impact on the number of students signing up to join the junior high school wrestling team.

I can’t wait to hear what some of you have done to increase your numbers. I personally believe the greatest emphasis should be on grades 6, 7 and 8.

Remember, the theme of NWCA Coaching Development: Let’s Grow Wrestling Together!

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